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Happy tradingJan 7 tradecrusher: If the sell stops out replace it with a sell limit at the same price, if buy gets stopped out replace it with a buy limit at the same price.. Boris do you use Pivot?


Feb 15,  · Trader's Way is pleased to announce that leverage is now available for all accounts with balances up to 10, USD and leverage - up to 50, USD. Trader's Way constantly improves its trading conditions, keeping pace with the latest developments and staying true to its mission to provide its clients with the widest opportunities for trading under one broker.

That sound is confusing … is the same when my trades close…. ADP and trade balance just 15 min. What other currencies are VTraded today? Ok inmediate responseJan 7 VictorRossetti: Are you than not stopt out more than nescesairly? Boris…C trade…lost 15 pips.. Jan 7 No sell Ok…Jan 7 KB left this message: Jan 7 Sorry not touch, not far away BorisJan 7.

Just read a review of Telegram — sounds impressiveJan 7 Ty-Australia: Thank you smileJan 7 Boris: Jan 7 in room cb4x: I am in roomJan 7 KH Cheong: I am in roomJan 7 Tokkes: At what moment is the planning for the VT trades done?

As the market movesJan 7 Boris: HereJan 7 Moshe Kamrad: Are we waiting for the news? Guys we need to give Boris a break and use our heads a bitJan 7 Boris: Boris, u mentioned about sizing -- u trade mini lotsJan 7 John: Hi, boris hope you would be fine,Jan 7 VictorRossetti: Is it included with my membership?

Jan 7 saba naeem: What do you think about USD Dollor correction? ADP is better than expected that means sronger dollarJan 7 Luis: Taking kids to school be back and will enjoy this chatzy ayeJan 7 Boris: ADP is better than expected that means stronger dollarJan 7 Stretch: Jan 7 Seems like uj heading To fix my flaws in my tade stregeyJan 7 Boris: Do you expect that NFP Will drop from range???????

Will You have a Mic and do audio in that room? Jan 7 Kathy Lien: US November Trade Deficit: US trade deficit smaller than expected. Jan 7 Mine is Jan 7 IC markets Boris: Mati, I think 1. Jan 7 Boris for 2 major news same country 15min apart do we practice like this in the future for c trade? Jan 7 So only particular combination like adp and trade balance, any other combinations? Jan 7 My c trade triggered mati: Jan 7 Y Boris: Boris,to get spreads of 0.

I think you always need a bigger acount to reduce spreads. For me the time is perfectJan 7 saba naeem: Can you give us back the link for the private chat room? The more we trade the more We can make money you mean?

Make senseJan 7 TraderDT: Do u have a link u can share that will shed more light on that topic? This room is text, no sound?

Is the goal to earn 7 to 10p per V trade? SO the Green Arrows on the charts are Trades that u took? So how many trades like that u do take per day -on avg? Text is good, I can re-read when I miss something.

Besides, we can listen to Kathy at the same time. It just pierced 1. What levels do you use? What other strategies do you use in the trading room? What strategies do you use in the chat room? If so, approx of V trades u aim for? Jan 7 Boris, you scalp most of the time using Bollinger? Is this a VT Trade Boris? Hi Boris, do we cancel any other pending trades for a pair once one is triggered and do we cancel any not triggered at the end of the dayJan 7 Boris: Different country news but same trading pair for GBP??

Boris your system use volume and overbought,oversoldJan 7 Boris: I generally still hold the order and only cancel if it moves to 25 or higherJan 7 Nick: Do you double position in second entry?

Boris, GBP in is alive? Good morning BorisJan 7 MrChips: Boris, can buy in GBP now with 10pips? Hi boris do you think eur break Jan 7 Boris: Not today but eventuallyJan 7 MrChips: Do you think that gbp will keep loosing ground vs usd?

Seems to be no resistance…Jan 7 Boris: Adamski -- I am looking for a move to 1. Boris, How do you measure the risk? It already lost so much 1. Adamaski sadly yes 1. Ok thx will try to trade accordingly! And of course on your strategie , will see what we can get from it…Jan 7 Boris: Nice reasoning, never thougt like that boris! Thnx, so 0,1 lot at 25; 0,2 lot at 45; 0,4 lot at 65; 0,8 lot at 85? Had some bad luck with Martingale…Jan 7 saba naeem: Boris , yallan said that patience for couple of meeting, what do say in which meeting announcement is possibleJan 7 pmporras: TTYLJan 7 saba naeem: Short term bounce to LT break of 77Jan 7 saba naeem: Kathy, I have markets.

I think there is still a sell order waiting at ,75Jan 7 Dimi: Boris and Kathy, do you build medium to long term trades and when you move the stops to break even? This broker is a bit expensiveJan 7 jorge ismael: Kathy, what do you use as triger for your trendtrading? Jan 7 kc chan: I shorted usdcad 1. Now 25 pips against, cut or continue to hold? If I was u I would cut my losses.

Sorry I know nothing about v trade, how does it work , any tip? Hi nor just follow Boris and will be very easy…. Nick the chat room is about VT the C trade I am only doing for presentation. SO if you like that set up and really want to learn it then buy hereJan 7 Boris: Jan 7 pankaj mathur: I see a lot of people here but no questionsJan 7 sandy: Boris do you mean 1.

I use old floor trading abreviationJan 7 Boris: Ok then when hits lows we buyJan 7 Boris: I mean that you had a chance to see how currencies move in wavesJan 7 Boris: Ok but to risk 25 to make 8 you must know what you doing rigth?

Is Us better than Europe because of the delivering? Boris,Euro looks like a dead cat bounce. Nick that is VT is all aboutJan 7 Boris: I did good profitsJan 7 Boris: Cant go wrong with SNB at 1,20…limited upside but for patience might bring some gain? Tom I was thinking.. Kathy thinks it will holdJan 7 Boris: I have my bet onJan 7 Dimi: I think it will break for pips…somewhere 1. If the specs take on the SNB,it will drop further than 1.

Even if it breaks 1. Hello from SFJan 7 Boris: Hello from SF as wellJan 7 Dimi: Sofia, Bulgaria winkJan 7 Boris: Hi everybodyfrom Tenerife at Canary Islands. What do you expect from fomc? Usd strength a cert? Do you expect usdjpy to continue selling off? I liked it at C trade buy at 52 stop 37 target 62 sell at 09 stop 24 target 99Jan 7 Boris: I think we take out soonJan 7 Tokkes: K, do you enter when it is comming out of the sell-zone?

Boris -- read my IM chatJan 7 Boris: I am in chat so really containiing myselfJan 7 Boris: I am on best behavior smileJan 7 Boris: Here comes usdjpyJan 7 Boris: I sound like a typical newbie smileJan 7 adamski: The best part of my day is when BK members make more money than meJan 7 mati: So here is the schedule for next dayJan 7 Mcolle: I will wind things up here at 3 NY timeJan 7 Dimi: I am 7 euros ahead so far smileJan 7 mati: Thanks Boris and KathyJan 7 Mcolle: If we join will we be live trading majority of the fundamental releases or just selective fundamentals?

I like thatJan 7 Boris: I will post signals but that is not the primary focusJan 7 Boris: June earliestJan 7 Boris: Victor -- how was our day? Jan 7 Victor Rossetti: Thanks for everything, see you at the webinarsJan 7 Victor Rossetti: May I ask a question? I think I understand something about your strategy! MATI dont forget to send me your screenshotsJan 7 mati: I knew would goJan 7 Dimi: There is a lot of profit taking this week…….

Ok my friends I think my job is done for the dayJan 7 Boris: The room is open for you to chatJan 7 Dimi: FXCM told me that the raw spreads are not available on my area Latin America yet……that will be a slow process…Jan 7 mati: Ok thank you see you tomorrow! Wwll…see you later, and thanks for everythingJan 7 Boris: Victor if you drop 25K -- they will whatever you wantJan 7 Boris: Sure oil is weighing on the economy, but the same can be said for the US economy if it goes much lower than these levels i.

If oil is anywhere near a bottom, then the CAD surely has to be nearing a bottom as well? Leifur -- see our latest Big Trade on this. You sould have in your inboxJan 7 Leifur: Man you guys are smart. Dairy recovering before oil. So simple and makes perfect sense. My comment on oil as it relates to the CAD was, say, over the next year or so, but certainly dairy has not and will not take that long to recover! Thanks LeifurJan 7 Leifur: First weak data, then strong.

I am totaly new on this service, can I ask what is the track record of executed trades? Well, it is possible! Lets see if we get some wild moves at the 5: Do not be offended, please! Asia peeps -- here were the trades that I did todayJan 7 BorisJan 7. It takes a lot of intuition to sort through the noise and pump out a common sense trade like thatJan 7 RoTrader: And I certainly mean common sense as a compliment… I was just making a comment on this board about the idea of CAD longs, and within 2 minutes Kathy comes with a much more logical trade.

I believe you, after seeing some webinars of Boris and Kathy, i am really tempted into quitting my day job and start trading day trading for a living …Jan 7 Leifur: I get depressed Fridays at 5pm lol… would be great to someday trade for a living, as long as you love what you do and willing to work hard, you will be successful! Little confused about what are different subscriptions. Boris and Kathy present their trades in the chatroom.

What kind of membership I need for that?? Kathy or Boris still here??? Hello Good Morning smileJan 7 Minamotto: Tero -- it seems to be rightJan 7 Leifur: Leifur, yes i know that feeling! Of course moving the stop to zero as soon as i can bank pips.

Leifur, yes that sounds pretty legit actually! Pleasure talking with you, have to get back to my real job! Buying more NZD at. Dollar lower tonight on unexpectedly dovish FOMC minutes diminidhing expectations of a US interest rate hike within first months of Also, best positive Far East dairy auction results in six months.

Dairy Auction was still very poor -- just up 1. What are the best currency pairs to trade the VT on? Thanks ArthurJan 7 Brandon: Do you have any idea about this… Is the 15 pip stop loss, 10 pip target still valid for VT which gives a 1. It was the logic in place from a prior webinarJan 7 MrChips: I think so , bit rusty on VT after a few weeks off. Will have to ask Boris for a recap on tonights webinar…he has an interesting strategy if you get stopped out on first go , he will place another order on the next quarter cent levelJan 7 RoTrader: Thanks for the insight here.

I was surprised with the 25 pip stop loss, thats why I wanted to see if the 15 pip stop loss, 10 pip target was still valid for VT. Virtual TouchJan 7 RoTrader: Mrchips … virgintouch lolJan 7 MrChips: Virgin was the initial…virtual is the more polite way i guessJan 7 RoTrader: AJAX did very well for me last year…Ichimoku interesting on my list to learn a bit about it!

Crude oil just broke out on 60 min chartJan 7 RickZ: Hello, just joined in. Jan 7 lim wee teck: Going to be an interesting few months, especially with new state elections etc….. Enjoying this chat room smileJan 7 RoTrader: Risk 25 pipsJan 7 RoTrader: Looking for a good exit. Currently up about 20 pips RoTrader: I had a long positons around 41 but it was for 10 pips or so … already closed itJan 7 lim wee teck: Jan 7 RoTrader, thank you.

What do you trade off of? Jan 7 Michael left this message: Jan 7 RoTrader, very interesting. Still trying to find a strategy that really works for me. I was able to get pips the last week of December RoTrader: That is a very decent result! Maybe after NFP it might break 1.

What if, we would have scenarios for both ways?? RoTrader,we trade what we see. RoTrader, how can you be profiting if you don know which way the market goesJan 7 RoTrader: RoTrader, yes as my chief dealer says if you can 3 things right, direction, level and timing most of the time, you profitJan 7 bruno: Ro Trader,being right or wrong is of no importance.

ST usdjpy may drop to RoTrader hr ma is at. Hi guys here for the first time What is the vt system? Mike,, you mean the Telegram? What trade rules being used in this room. Is there a video? Boris email out a copy of the only video so far that I know of already Ok good night and good trading! Have 2 small electric heaters,, good heaters just a pitance of electric to run them,, but 4 degrees right now,, have to put kero in kitchen for just a bit more 'keep up'Jan 8 Stretch: Boris' thing is a month from now,, got stuff on fl-EBAY.

Yep,, you can ride almost acres before you see a fenceJan 8 RoTrader: Is the room still active? Boris opens,, Kathy closesJan 8 Stretch: Ro,, IJan 8 RoTrader: Jan 8 lim wee teck: Me, helloJan 8 Boris: I'll post charts in a fewJan 8 Boris: I will let people staggle into the roomJan 8 Boris: I want to know if you guys are haaving any problem with the buy page?

I tried and orderedJan 8 Dimi: I am on my way to become profitable trader winkJan 8 Dimi: I hope soJan 8 Boris: Thats great Dimi - I am so psuched for Telegram! We had a new software and some people were having problems.

I paid with credit card and looks like everything was fine One of the things I realized we need to do is I will hold a live webinarJan 8 Boris: I will post my orders and charts soonJan 8 Boris: Hi BorisJan 8 Brandon: I mean anything is validJan 8 Boris: I seeJan 8 Brandon: Brandon - are you going to trade with me in the Private room? I am thinking about it. Are you going to do a webinar explainiing the changes to the VT?

The other webinar done before seems different to what your doing nowJan 8 Boris: Yes I will be doing a webinar once we start the room and will explain all the latest changes including sizingJan 8 Brandon: I can learn way better in a webinar environment smileJan 8 Brandon: I realized that yestreday smileJan 8 Brandon: ALL profitable tradesJan 8 Boris: I'll post more charts in a fewJan 8 czech: My ineternet went out for secJan 8 rupam: I just signed up and I'm looking forward to learning from youJan 8 adamski: I got a question about the private chat beginning today!

Because I guess like probably a lot of people we cannot be online all the time of the chat In your private chat, will you post everything in a written way? William is that you in the room? Yes I did thank youJan 8 Boris: I just want to make sure you are set upJan 8 Boris: I dont see itJan 8 Boris: Ok I am getting coffee then will be back with tradesJan 8 harvey: I didn't include my username on here in my registration.

I've just emailed you my real name. I got itJan 8 Boris: Are you doing the webinar for VT changes on Friday or next week? Brando not sure yet next week most likelyJan 8 Boris: Ro no idea who that isJan 8 Brandon: Ok ThanksJan 8 Boris: Ri no now tradeJan 8 Boris: No worries, i for one love your entries and trading style betterJan 8 RoTrader: Guys do we cancel any trades not triggered from yesterday?

Hello tradersJan 8 RoTrader: Good morningJan 8 RoTrader: I changed itJan 8 RoTrader: RoTrader how can I pm you actually? Lim I think we may see 1. I should know better to trade this pair.

Little chance to make pips with it in the past. Some pairs just to choopy and with big wicks too. Hi Boris first here, I know you hate cableJan 8 Boris: Likely to be pushed down when it hits 1. Yatin are you going to trade VT with me? Love to BorisJan 8 willienz: I am going to do a webinar for everyoneJan 8 Boris: AUD is really strong from cross flowsJan 8 Boris: FT - so far so good smileJan 8 Dimi: We have bid in at 41Jan 8 Boris: I love the strong USD in overseas.

Than I make sure to tell will get worst later. CMCJan 8 lim wee teck: What strategy did you use for audusd trade?? Is it with 00,20, 50, 80Jan 8 Boris: I am not going to take a chance to let them know I got both platform in 2 computers. I want the pipsJan 8 mati: F stands for Fun smileJan 8 mati: I got 2 FXCM platform. One in London and a other in NYC. Big difference in the spreads! NYC is new spreads vs. London old one from last yr. Boris, was aud a VT trade. How many a day roughly opf these trades will we get in the roomJan 8 mati: And the win loss ration over the week?

So we learn the reason behind the trade when we are in the private room with youJan 8 Zoltan: I had no other options left but a yr ago move back to the Europe. Now I got a London address since 2 of my kids working there. Damn - I cant stand reading about Paris anymoreJan 8 Yatin: Zero I am testing it on DowJan 8 Zoltan: I can trade dollar index and hedge pairs vs. I got the cyrilic smileJan 8 KJ: I am stepping out for a fewJan 8 Boris: In less than 2 hours!!! Good Job BorisJan 8 Boris: France got the most Muslims and Arabs in the whole Europe.

So is over K jews. Waiting to happen one day What is priviate room?? BK daily webinar for member???? Better to trade this way then isolated on your own. Or if I do I will charge for itJan 8 mati: I like that matiJan 8 Yatin: I am busy with you guysJan 8 mati: One day I was making a list of the best day traders on the FX world and I just unable to find a better intraday Guru than Boris.

Others brag about daily and weekly tons of pips but can not scalp at all. I think U very kind but better in and out of trades than Kathy. I know U know Kathy better than anybody since U been with her for long time. K wont day tradeJan 8 Boris: U a one of kind. The live trading room starts tomorrow?? It was freebie for yesterday and today??

Now I got it. I will sign up immediately. I agree with Zoltan. You are the day trading GuruJan 8 Boris: KJ smileJan 8 mati: What is different with telegram and this chatzy.

I got almost 6K pips in the last few days but NOT all good ones. I should know better. Trading since still baby steps. Got to put my time in. It is a learning curve out there. Wow that must be some time agoJan 8 mati: Are there only certain pairs you trade the vt on? I started trading in Did not have the computers and time to do it. Also never know about retail tradings and FX.

Got very worried after this ,stopped live trading for long time. I am just a baby here, just started last year after been made redundantJan 8 mati: So much to learnJan 8 Zoltan: Go to the NYC Trade show next month.

U will see Boris and others in live. Well worth it if U can do it. Cheer ZoltanJan 8 Yatin: Cheers ZoltanJan 8 mati: I have been hunders of webinars before. It is hard to find anybody who know more about charts ,scalps ,intraday ,daily tradings in and out specially in FX.

Go to the Youtube and see his past trades and judge yourself. How long U been using it ,how U like it?

Mornin' wha'd I missJan 8 Stretch: Mornin Boris,, woke up an hour ago but didn't stay up, blinked my eyes and 4 turned into 5Jan 8 Stretch: Mornin ' RoJan 8 Tom: Boris is in the house,, anybody else? I'm showing on the listJan 8 Tom: Trades todayJan 8 BorisJan 8 pmporras: Hello everybodyJan 8 pmporras: Is everyone still thereJan 8 KJ: Everything had gone quiet!

Also I wouldn't mind a scenario as to how a week would look entries and SLs as to fully understand the system. I have read some of the thread and found that it didn't really answer my questions.

A scenario would be a step-by-step of what to do when you enter it in like you mentioned above with the 50 pip straddle , but where to place entries and stoplosses after that. I have last week Gbpusd close at 1. Now say the sell kicks in, what do i do with the entry buy? What would happen if the sell stops out? Where would i place the next entry sell?

The entry buy stays in place. Just in case the market decides to head up. You are attempting to catch the weekly trend. If the buy gets executed first, move the sell order up to last weeks close with a 30 pip stop. If the sell gets executed first. If the sell stops out replace it with a sell limit at the same price, if buy gets stopped out replace it with a buy limit at the same price..

Your essentially straddling the market waiting for the breakout that usually occurs Like any mechanical system, there will be losing weeks and according to backtesting done by different members, results avg from to pips on gbpusd per year over the last couple years with minimal drawdown. Hi guys - if this is the system I'm thinking of - I tried to develop an expert - see my post "A new expert I created".