9# SRDC Level I Trading System

Nov 07,  · Re: Technical Analysis in Forex Trading «Reply # on: Nov 06, , PM» Yup SRDC 1 is the most basic of basics But its highly efficient, you just need to backtest, there will be reversals of course.

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There's actually a famous Bruneian named Orange Roshan of SRDC Forex or some shit that is well known in MY/SG for being a forex/gold-trader scammer.

But again, trend line drawing is an art instead of mechanical rules, this is why I still haven't found the way to code it into the EA. And this is also why some SRDC V trader makes way more pips than me and why I am still practising hundreds of times in backtesting to get a feel. Notice the second entry? The one runs pretty fast in the beginning, so I gave it a little more room, but yes, it got back to bite me.

No offense meant to you at all, but can you have some of the people making way more pips post about trendlines. BTW- even if you are in conflict with PT, you should use his video because it is very good for setup and strategy. Is your EA open code also, I would like to look at it.

I am a programmer and have not done mt4 long but am pretty good, I would love to help. The third white line He learnt the same thing as I did, but he executed much better and he is way more disciplined in trading. If he likes to come he will come but I can't have him here. I knew someone is going to ask this When Orange taught us this method, he didn't explain all the details, we have to ask questions to find out those details, and this is one question I don't think anyone has asked.

To add comments, please log in or register. Hi JFForex, In the chart there are no long entry setups. Hope this helps, aha. Take 1 minute and tell me what you. Based on this fact, we can safely assume that, the highs and lows of a. Now you have the answer. Upon the start of a new Daily candle;. Draw the trend lines and determine the trend. This way, you can. It is either towards the Support. It all depends on you, whether you want to babysit the trade or ready.

Either way, you can still profit from it. I would recommend a 5pips or 10pips maximum. Because, some bars only very few gives maximum 5pips. Things to remember and my recommendation only: I would avoid a. Price might reverse against. Your margin might not allow it.

In this episode, I will try to make it as simple as possible, however I must warned. JajaBinks and Grandmas that this method is a little more complicated than the method. I will be covering the basic system, entry and exit, and of course how to filter bad trades using Episode I and II. This system is not as powerful as The next Episodes but.

Therefore, diapers some pee in their. Create a box from Basically, drawing a horizontal line from. In plain english, a good trade will. However, entries are done using the 15mins candles. The reason is obvious. Its ok, it has. The 15mins candles can detect a breakout early just in case we have a sudden move. Below is an example of. There are many ways to cook a monster Crab. You could BBQ it, steam, simmer or even. I prefer steaming it. The flesh is soooo juicy and fresh. Anyway, same with the box.

We could have many entry styles. The one that I will. Trade the direction of the breakout as soon as it penetrate the box.