The Chandelier exit technique

Analisa Body Candlestick Kita telah belajar pada materi sebelumnya bahwa body candlestick itu menunjukan sebuah dominasi buyer mendapatkan tekanan maka akan membentuk ekor signupforpeace.cfknya ketika dominasi seller mendapatkan dorongan naik maka akan terbentuk ekor bawah.

Bukan hanya karena keb When a trader uses the same value, say 9, it means that the highest high for 9 hours H1 timeframe and the Average Trading Range for 9 hours are used in the calculation of the Chandelier Exit.

Principle and components of Chandelier Exit indicator

Jun 02,  · PM me if you would like to see a video of the Chandelier Exit and how it actually works. The video is 4 minutes and 15 seconds in duration. I use it with my unique trading system and it is a wonderful tool.

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Belajar Analisa Candlestick Forex Sebelum kita melangkah jauh mata elang akan menjelaskan dulu mengenai Fungsi dari analisa baik itu secara teknikal atau fundamental adalah menentukan apakah harga akan naik atau turun , akan bergerak searah atau bahkan balik arah. Analisa untuk menentukan trend yang akan terjadi , yaitu menganalisa pergerakan harga secara global dan memperkirakan bentuk grafik yang akan terjadi. Analisa untuk menentukan jenis candle yang akan terbentuk , apakah candle bullish atau candle bearish.

Artinya hanya membidik 1 candle saja , namun candle yang dibidik ini memiliki jarak yang sama besar dengan sebuah trend,Sehingga biasanya candle yang dibidik itu menggunakan time frame 4 jam ke atas. Dalam hal menentukan trend yang yang akan terbentuk , peran candlestick hanya sebagi pendukung saja. Keep in mind that although the highs used to hang the Chandelier move only upward the changes in volatility can shorten or lengthen the distance to the actual stop.

If you want to see less fluctuation in the stop distance use a longer moving average to calculate ATR. If you want the stop placement to be more adaptive to changing market conditions, use a shorter moving average. We normally use about twenty bars to calculate the ATR unless there is a specific reason to adjust it.

In our experience the use of very short averages 3 or 4 bars for the ATR can often create problems when there are brief periods of small ranges that tend to bring the stops too close.

These abnormally close stops may cause us to exit prematurely. If we want to have a short and highly adaptive ATR without risking placing stops that are too close, we can calculate a short average and a longer average maybe four bars and twenty bars and use the average that produces the widest stop.

This technique allows our stops to move away quickly during periods of high volatility without the risk of being unnecessarily whipsawed during brief periods of low volatility. We like to start our trades with the trailing Channel Exit and then add the Chandelier Exit after the price has moved away from our entry point so that the open trade is profitable. The Channel Exit is pegged at a low point and does not move up as new profits are reached.

The Channel Exit will move up only when enough time has passed that the previous low is dropped from the data period of the channel.

The Channel Exit moves up very gradually over time but it does not move up relative to any recent highs that are being made. This is why we need the Chandelier Exit in place to make sure that our exits are never too far away from the high point of the trade. By combining the two exit techniques we can use the Channel Exit as an appropriate stop that very gradually rises at the beginning of the trade. However if the trade makes a run in our favor the prices will quickly move very far away from our slowly trailing Channel Exit.

Once we are profitable we need to have a better exit that protects more of our profit. At this point it would make sense to switch to the Chandelier Exit which will rise instantly whenever new highs are reached.

This valuable feature of the Chandelier makes it one of our most logical exits from our profitable trades.