A wide selection of sizes, tube/plate angles, and screw hole configurations provide the versatility to use the Versa-Fx II System in a variety of indications, including intracapsular, intertrochanteric, and subtrochanteric fractures (Winquist Type Ill comminuted fractures).

Numbers, costs, and potential effects of postmenopausal estrogen. Subtrochanteric fractures are less stable than the other two types of hip fractures and, consequently, more difficult to fix. As age and osteoporosis increase, the rate of failure nonunion, secondary displacement, avascular necrosis increases.

Surgical Techniques

Four stem options with various fixation modes address the distinct needs of each patient, while the customizable instrumentation platform provides enhanced surgical workflow. Echo FX™ Fracture Stem. The Echo FX femoral component is a cobalt chrome substrate with an.

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