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He explained that being insured trades whether they were winning trades or losing trades you would get back all of your investment. This was a win win situation so he was able to go over my credit card limit to fund the trades.

He also matched the amount I deposited. The trades resulted in 3 losing trades and 1 winning trade. I then began asking him to cover the insured losing trade investments back to my account.

He said yes he would then followed lies claiming to be in the US and unable to process anything then mentioning the bonuses which I had and saying you need to perform several trading volumes before being able to withdraw profits. I send emails to the broker and Skype messages but now he is not responding at all. I had a substantial amount in my trading account and the bonuses do not affect it. I then put in for a withdrawal request. I wanted my initial investment back as it seemed that I was not likely to get back any profits.

I made this request on 27th December but nothing has come to me since. I have been in contact with my bank and told my credit card company about the situation so now they will open a claim to try and get the funds back. I was able to locate their customer support department telephone number which is When I call I get people who seem helpful and sympathetic to the situation.

They say they will get someone to call back but no one calls back. They do not respond to my emails either. I will go further than that i.

I am heavily overdrawn with my credit card and hope that the bank will take this situation into account and not penalise me. I have a crime reference number given to me from http: I call the customer support number daily with hope of getting back my funds.

I will also let the online fraud investigation do their enquiries. Please do not let these people get away with these crimes. I would like to join with you… I also have same situation like you… Now no response…. Hi Did you manage to get back your money? I am trying to dispute some trades here as well, Same experience, make me a lot of money in two months and made me max out my credit cards, But I did had one amt sent back to me as promised and i thought it was legit.

So i went on further n pushing even more my limits on my card. Then one broker who was helping my main broker took many big trades with me last friday and invested my total amt. Now I am worried about the trades turning sour and losing my money. I want to challenge this and if there is a way to nullify the trades.

My dad has just been cheated out of over USD10, by option They have the same registered address as Option Stars Global, and I would like to know if there is any action being taken against them. Thanks for sharing, Davinia. If anyone has any ideas on how to retaliate — well, really, just to get back their initial capital! And my sympathies to all who have lost their money. Hi I had lost much to Option and Banc de Binary. They will asked you to max out on the trading and show you the profit and then without you realizing it the next few trading are all losses and you are left with nothing.

The trader said he will check with the market trending and that there is a technical problem. Can some one out there tell me how to take back my investment? Leider habe ich, bevor ich mich mit Optionstarsglobal eingelassen habe, nichts negatives im Internet recherchieren können.

Dadurch habe ich ziemlich viel Geld verloren. Ich kann nur jedem abraten, sich auf Geschäfte mit diesem Broker einzulassen. Deren Geschäftsgebaren sind kriminell und nur auf Abzockerei fixiert. Jeder, dem mit diesem Händler ähnliches passiert ist, sollte das veröffentlichen, damit nicht noch mehr gutgläubige Menschen in ihre Falle tappen.

The worst of the worst in terms of scammers and humans. Prey on older inexperienced people, convince them to max out their credit cards and when they see that you become suspicious they steer you into another scam to try and steal your identity by telling you that to get your money back you have to send them all your private information.

These people need to get tortured and burned alive. Especially a guy named Benny Marshel. Stay away and spread this to everyone you know so no one else has to suffer. Do you have any registered complaints against a broker named Carol Marsh at Optionstars. His account was at Later that day between It became immediately clear to my client that these trades were meant to kill his account and he presented — beginning in the evening of the same day — overwhelming evidence to you that this was indeed the case and included manipulation of data, which would be a criminal act.

My client never got a response from you to these serious accusations. This would have been acceptable if the account would have been restored to the balance on the morning of But you restored it without further explanation to a balance of only about Euro.

Januar um Whilst a client of us, the client received, amongst other benefits, extensive care, guidance, and financial education in order to assist them to trade. It should be noted that the client has sole responsibility for their account since they have sole discretion. Subsequently the client has sole responsibility for making decisions, inter alia, how much to deposit, how much to trade, etc. By signing all documents the client also confirmed that he has read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of the company, as well as is informed of the risks of trading online binary options by the Risk Disclaimer displayed on the site.

This claims should be found baseless as all trades were open with expiry time of a few days. At this point your client misunderstood and start raise threats at the company employee over phone and emails. We have tried to reach an understanding with your client but he refuse. Important to note that while restoring the balance and cancelling trades we suffered a great loss. Best Regards, Customer support department.

There was no large difference between the last two. The criminal intent of Optionstars becomes evident when looking at the chats with Jan van Dijck and an e-mail with the support, namely: My account was at Jan van Dijck refused and insisted that I continue trading. Now shortly after expiry of trades — when my account was at 0 Euro I got the following e-mail from the support: November um We have reviewed your claims and based on your trading activity today we understand the situation has changed.

We hope to see you continue trading with OptionStarsGlobal. Best regards, Customer support department. I was looking for? Your analyst Jan van Dijck sent me to your chief analyst Tom Vitori.

From him I got 4 winning tades using a moderate trading volume. Because — looking more closely at the charts — I saw that the Trade Rate of 2 trades was grossly manipulated others moderately. Kind Regards, Manfred Schall. Optionstarsglobal made no comment about my complaint that they intentionally gave me loosing trades which included manipulations of forex data to kill my account.

But they reset my account to a value of my deposit In doing that they destroyed also the trading history of the trades in question — hoping to hide the criminal nature of these trades. Having this in mind they could write: However — the screenshots I made tell a different story. And their e-mail after the trades too. I read your e-mail ot Now I propose that we should agree an a settlement which should follow the following considerations: To avoid that I could make any claim for a withdrawal.

In case a my account would still be at Your only argument could therefore be: I would even accept this argument — but this could only lead to a partial responsibility — that of a misled victim of a criminal activity.

In this case you would be invited to take part and defend your arguments. I am also waiting for the mediation of the Financial Ombudsman to whom I filed a complaint. Should the conclusion be that there was unlawful behavior from your side I will not hesitate to go to Cyprus to ask for a criminal investigation.

I did the same mistake. But it seems that I will loose it. Perhaps we should do a class action. Then he said he was going to call me next time after I have read your comment I completely changed my mind. This is the single worst company I have ever dealt with. After speaking to a couple cocky and condescending brokers I requested that I not be contacted any further.

I deleted my account, requested that I never be contacted again and one and a half years on they are still harassing me. I have been talking with a man from your Office and we Did not agree. This is Gugu from SA. I have been scamed recently by option stars global. They are refusing to bring my deposit back. They are telling me about the bonus and that i have to complete trade volumes. When i told them initially that i want a withdrawal,They channeled me to trade as i cannot withdraw without0 finishing the trade volumes.

Yesterday they called for a trading session,to my surprise they gave me a new person all together to do the trades with me. We lost USD in 10 minutes. Money reflecting in my account now isUSD and they are refusing to bring back my deposit. Complaints about option stars I want to give you some practical advice nonemotional from trading with binary options. Then they wanted Proof of my identity copy of driving license, etc This is my downfall, no one told me about this, but When I looked into the contract with stars option stars you have to gained 30 times the amount of bonus when I said this to the voice on the phone she said no trouble go get that easy.

First of all the robot is winning I say I say to the man switch it off he says he will but He leaves it running and I lose considerable amount of money. I carry on with trades. Gold went down you see it can move very fast. Optionstar Global is big scam. They took my EURO. I too have had similar problems with my withdrawal but I was able to get my money back. I cried everyday and was suicidal until I got help from a Professional who helped me recover all my funds.

Option Star Global is a Big Scam! This is Binary client from AU. When i told them initially that i want a withdrawal because I had USD in my account,They channeled me to trade as i cannot withdraw without finishing the trade volumes. Yesterday they called for a trading session and We lost all the money in one hour because I wanted to withdraw. They took all my money. It was very silly of me to give euro deposit to these crooks without doing some research first.

I immediately got suspicious because their website looked dodgy. So I requested my deposit back literally straight away. I got the reply saying I had to send them coloured copies of ID, utility bill and a bank card. When I asked what for and why in colour, I got no reply. It is then I googled the reviews and got to this page! Also what is extremely annoying is that their staff calls me every 15 minutes from all over the world. I answered one call.

It was a guy with Indian accent calling himself Steve Martin yeah, right with the worst communication skills ever. He was taking me for a complete fool. Probably because I was stupid enough to pay them the deposit. But I was smart enough to hang up! Now I will probably have to change my phone number as there seem to be no way to get rid of them. I said good bye to my deposit feeling some sort of relief. These people are so disgusting and heartless, I cannot imagine going through another day dealing with them.

I cannot believe it is made so easy for them to get away with it!!! Not just them but many others well known crooks advertise themselves on yahoo and everywhere, why is it allowed??!! I hope my mistake will help someone not make their own. Optionstar global is a big cheater. They wont believe your problem. They from Israel like all binary They only way to get your money back Is to call your CC and make a charge back.

Than please report in Action fraud UK. Any use of this information to target advertising, or similar activities, is explicitly forbidden and may be prosecuted. Dear all who was scammed by this Option Stars Global please address a report to http: I already reported and the investigation is going well but I need you guys support for similar cases of being victims loose money or impossible to withdraw money to cancel the account.

The provider know their IP but could be reported only to police or government authorities, make the complain to police. Please report them in Israel , get the lawyer. When I asked for a refund they said that I have to complete 40, usd trades which is impossible because you willl loose your money in the end.

Im felt so down because it was my hard earned money and I lost it because of those evil who do not have the heart for their victims. Yes it is verry sad…my a have lose my money but in a coupple of months i will have back with working….

I want to thank you all for your experience and information on this scammers so called Option stars global. As I did show interest earlier by their emails and was going to start investing in the company. Thankfully, after reading all your reviews…. Ho poi richiesto indietro la somma prelevata, mi dicono di firmare il contratto, e inviare tutti i documenti necessari bancari e specifiche della carta di credito per avere la restituzione della somma.

Mi sapete dire se è possibile una cosa del genere? Auch ich habe innerhalb von 3 Monaten all mein Geld verloren bei diesem Broker.

Für deutsche Kunden meldet sich dort James Morra, der es raffiniert versteht, die Kunden zu betrügen mit falschen Versprechungen. Worked with Option Stars Global, since Jan.

They are pushing me to continuous losses. Not, replaying to get me any money. Can somebody Advice a way, I can return what is left? Nach meinem Widerspruch hat man sogar meine Unterschrift gefälscht. Ich kann nur allen raten, die Finger von diesem betrügerischen sogenannten Broker zu lassen. Could you please tell me more about how you managed to do this? I made a deposit around They gave a bonus so I could trade for more They showed a large profit and over around a week may end all was lost.

Once in the same state with a request for a withdrawal that was hung for a weeks with no responds. I live in Pasay, Philippines. My bank did not want to investigate the case, so I gathered last savings and looking for a help around forums.

For my luck I found a good lawyer named Arthur Miller, who worked in Europe. I arranged with his assistant Tom Anderson and within a few months completely withdrew my funds, that was truly professionally. The only help were came from these guys. Posters on here keep stating that they got their money back, but never provide any evidence of how they did it.

Maybe it is just wishful thinking on their behalf. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. November 3, at July 6, at October 31, at November 7, at 4: I received numerous calls and never answered them. December 29, at 5: Pls contact me ASAP! I just got my money back from them. February 11, at 9: February 21, at March 1, at 9: They took me for dollars. How can I get some if not all of it back. March 9, at March 9, at 4: March 14, at How did u get your money back?

March 17, at How to get back the deposit. March 29, at 2: April 4, at 9: Hi how did you get your money? Know one answering my emails? April 4, at 6: Hi how did you get your money back as they have scammed me. April 5, at 9: April 8, at 5: How did you get your money back? April 30, at 2: Hi Please can you tell how to get the money back. May 3, at June 7, at 2: July 6, at 5: Please Olusegun, Could you please contact me?

August 9, at 4: August 18, at August 24, at September 12, at 8: Hi please let me know how I can get myou money back please. September 13, at Can help help me to get my money back. October 3, at 9: October 30, at 1: June 9, at July 4, at 6: August 1, at November 16, at 7: December 6, at 9: