Currency Strength Meter Explained

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Thanks for helping me end this week on a positive note. Buying something to later sell it for a higher price, or vice versa, is what we call trading; it is both an amusing and a satisfying experience when you are making a profit from it. Henry, you, henry, and your team, are too much. Is this download still available? Look at the following image:

MT4 expert (FX_Multi-Meter_III.mq4)

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My friend also have download it and he siad it been a week, all it appear is blank colour box. It has been down for days. Tried it 2 different pc and get the same results. Can someone who has managed to solve the problem please share on what to fix this. Hi Henry, from yesterday I have again 1 blue and the rest of red boxes no numbers showing in the boxes.

My CSM has stopped working. Yesterday was fine but it was not showing any values. My CSM does not work. Giving connection problem error message every time to register.

Anyone experiencing the same problem? Can anybody share how to resolve this problem? There are no numbers being displayed. The correct trading zone is displayed. The ad banner, the news ticker, and the news announcement appear to be functioning properly. Hi, I am using this currency strength meter for last 2 years, recently it is not working from last Monday July 6, Can you fix it soon?

Hi, is it CSM under maintenance? Since last Monday till now the number just show in red colour box. Un placer de poder participar en esta comunidad. Pero tengo un problema que espero me solucionéis, Hace unos días Currency Strengt Meter me dejó de funcionar, me podéis decir como solucionarlo,sólo me sale el color rojo y azul en el nivel de fuerza. CSM server seems to be down. Boxes all red one blue, no values showing. Tried downloading again , reinstall but still the same. Hi, I have been trying to download CSM since yesterday with no success.

Is this download still available? CSM has been showing the same figures since morning,its not working is there a software problem or i have to uninstall it. Does is have a life span? Is there a reason why?

And how can this be resolved. CSM is working fine, but I am not able to understand when colors of pairs are in orange or yellow that whether the currency is strengthening or weakening that particular time.

Kindly let me know how to evaluate the current movement of currency in terms of strengthening or weakening. Uninstall and reinstall, when registered, appear connection problem message.

It appears that the CSM is not working properly today; July 9th, The CSM loads up fine, but the numbers to the currencies and reflecting color changes are not active. Are you aware of this issue? Thank you for the info on CSM. If u need any assistant on the sound recording, please do no hesitate to contact me. Your recording has a lots of pops because was too close to the microphone when you spoke. Just download currency strength meter. Looks like I need an activation key. But never got one from CSM.

What can I do to get one? I downloaded your package, but did not receive an activation key. However, upon checking on your CNT acct. You have one of the nicest websites I have ever seen. You did such a nice job with everything. It is a joy to use and I love the service and training you provide! I have go the CSM installed.

But when I tried to open it, a prompt came out asking for info to be provided. I did as required. What followed was a message saying that there is connection problem. In fact my network was working fine. Can you help me to get the CSM working? KC, please try again as our server may have been too busy to process your registration, but if you keep getting this error then you may use our web version of the CSM located in our home page.

I have Win 7 64 bit. I would gladly do with out the news if I could just get the meter to stop flashing that error msg at me every ten seconds.

What can be done to get this to install properly? This new version is simply the best meter so far that I have encountered. At this stage I have no feedback to improve it yet, but will let you know if something come up in future.

I have been looking for the Holy Grail for over two years and think this is the closest thing to it so far. It installed very easily and worked straight out of the box without any problems, the next thing to do is watch the videos to see how I can use this tool to simplify my trading and get me lots of pips. Tried to install on 64 bit windows 7, and I get the following error: There is a problem with Windows Installer package.

A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact our support personnel or package vendor. I tried on another machine that runs on 32 bit windows 7, and there is no issue.

Unfortunately, the 32 bit machine is not mine. Please restart your CSM and try again. I love the CSM. I use it daily. On Friday it was behaving strange, the numbers of the strengths were not showing. I tried all the elementary computer basics by re-booting, cleaning cache, etc. None of them worked.

I uninstalled it and then re-installed it. Hi, I am having the same problem as Mark and Tim. I did exactly what Mark did and Just tried again. I did the exact same as the above persons and am having the same problem.. There was a technical issue with the CSM server, but is back up and running now. Hi, I cannot load the CSM — it looks like it wants to start up, but then it stops loading and just fades out! Can you help me out here? Perhaps you need to reinstall it, or use the CSM web version located in our home page.

Kindly post your live trading room link. I tried my best to find your live trading room to trade with you but I did not find that room. Please post the link where can I join you in live trading. Here is the link for the banking info.: Hi George, not sure why you are getting this message, but I just tested the links and it seems to be just fine. Ensure Windows Installer Service is started — done Ensure. NET Framework is up to date — done. Very small at the top of the indicator.

Either strength is coming together…two small arrows pointed towards each other. But I am having problems with the CSM download. When I try and register I get the following.

I have uninstalled it several times, have tried both the. Windows XP system and have installed the 3. Hi David, we apologize for the inconvenience; it does seem that this issue happens more often for XP computers. We are working to fix this issue in the nex release. In the meantime, you can use the CSM web version on our website, or try installing the meter on a different computer. You can test your theory as the CSM is just another tool.

See how it reacts to the market and let me know what you are using it for. Yes, you can signup for a trial at: CSM Connection issue has been on our todo list for the next release. Just my observation here. When I tried to register when running CSM for the first time, I stumbled to the same issue connection problem when entering only the required fields.

To Henry Liu, addendum to prior post: I think following the pathway of a currency gives alot of additional info when comparing it to the pathway of other one in a pair. Once again, thank you so much for all your generosity to the forex community, and by the way, how can I subscribe to your newsletter? From today morning the CSM displays no value. I uninstall it, download again and install it. Whenever I want to run it, it asks me to register my account.

I tried to do so. But an error message says that there is a connection problem. Please advise what can I do now. I downloaded your 3. It was showing values for one day but today it is not showing any values. I uninstalled the same and tried to reinstall the file. Hi, from today morning the currency strength meter 3.

I download and installed 3. Could anyone please help me fixing this issue. This morning my version the latest stopped working. I get a message saying I am unable to register the account because of a connection problem. Hallo Henry, Thank you for your presentation. It is simple yet profound. I learned so much to identify the pairs. Your teaching is great! What time frame do you use? Hi Henry, just want to find out…. If after signing up yr 7 days free trial and then stop subscribing coz yr monthly fee is quite a lot for me….

Then many months later when I hv saved enough , acn I sign up for a few mths and then stop? Dear Henry, Can you please clarify my doubt please. What should i do should i go for a Long or a Short. Pls help, my strength meter doesnt change the numbers it stays stagnant for hours. Also, I want to thank Henry Liu for all his work, acurate analysis and recomendations, I have been following your page for about two months, and finally see good results in my account.

Hope its still available for download. I use it regularly. Its portable and manageable with its unique features. Hallow, The CSM opened perfectly and working nice but it is telling that iertutil.

How can I solve this?? I am uploading the image of that. I have a problem which I hope you can help with, the count down clock does not work……my friend has no problem it is just me…. Dude what do the numbers on the tradable triger mean on your trigger sheet?

Hate to complain about something free and useful, but recently the meter has started having an annoying Windows style clicking noise every time the ad changes. Was this added on purpose, or is it an unfortunate byproduct of the Windows operating system? I really need this and you are my teacher, please help me.

Thank you so much Henry. I could not loggin. Hello sir I have some issue with csm, if i use it on my gsm isp its work nicely its low speed internet connection but when i switch into hotspot isp high speed internet connection the csm wont show anything instead the ads. Please fix it because i usually use hotspot isp better than gsm because its speed. Hi Henry, i just download the csm from your site. Please can you explain the different color on the software for me.

The meter is not showing properly on my notebook. The meter looks tiny and the texts are too large. Is there a way to configure the layout or resize the meter? I am running it on Windows 7, 64 bits. Have you noted that the meter is stuck since the start of today trading? What might be the problem? I also installed beta version 3. I am trading on 5M charts, but I am unsure of the strength showing in meter is for what Time Frame?

It would be great if in the next version we can see strength per traders category. Like should we enter when it shows 8? Hi Henry I am interested in your dairly lecture. I will appreciate if u send me the link of ur new member. Hello Henry, I wrote to informed you yesterday of the inability of the CMS to load figures for all the currencies. That is, I can not see any number. PLease, do assist and help to correct this anomalies. This is a reminder and please, do respond to my call. Meaanwhile, after installing it, It did not display any figure at all.

The meter is empty. Please, what did I do wrong? Hell Henry, I think your meter is a wonderful tool to have for getting the sentiment of the market as you say. Thank you very much for your market analysis depending on news releases, as i benefited from it some times. But Unfortunately I have two problems, the first is that many times I was wait for the event to be released on time but the website I use -which is forex factory- gets frozen suddenly, the matter that makes me unable to set a trade according to what happened, so that I lose the chance because the market sometimes moves quickly within seconds.

So, how can I beat that? Second problem, I can not use the CSM tool because the video you put does not work at all. Every time I try to play it, it does not even start. Hello Mr Henryliu,i have try to download your useful indicator and i try to register as u have instructed but is not bringing registration page asking to to download with NET Framework version 3.

Hello, I have deleted the old version. I have tried downloading the new version using explorer and google chrome. I get the icon but unable to open. What am I doing wrong? Dear Henry, Since CMS is not available for mobile devices i would like to propose for you to put a live CMS in you web so that mobile trader can refer to you website as a temporary solution before it available for iphone and android…just my 2 cent idea.

Pls sir, can you kindly recommend a broker that allows spike trading and that accepts clients from Nigeria,the one iam using is making FX trading fraustrating. Pls sir,can you kindly recommend a broker that allows spike trading and that accepts clients from Nigeria. The broker iam using does not allow and makes FX trading fraustrating. Sorry to disturb Henry, but i have a problem with the Currency Strength Meter on my laptop.

Any suggestions to solve this problem??? For me v 3. Is there any user guide as to how to use these figures? I had your strength meter installed, but the numbers showed not completely. So I uninstalled the strength meter and tried to install again.

After downloading and trying to install a window shows up saying that there is a newer version of the strength meter already installed and does not let me reinstall or repair the strength meter.

I went through all possible files but I can not find anything saying newsprofiteer or strength meter anywhere. I like the strength meter but I am not able to reinstall. It just have blue and red colors shown and not numbers like yours. I cannot get either version 3, 4 or 5 beta to run on my win xp platform? I have gone back to my old version that takes the feed from the mt4 and that runs fine. My CSM was not working properly when i woke up this morning, but when I followed your instructions it was successfully repaired.

Thanks so much Henry. Everything else looks Ok. Is the CSM server down again? I tried version 3. But all on a sudden it stopped showing any readings Values of the individual currencies. I have tried repeatedly but failed to get the readings Values. Earlier on the CSM was working fine but suddenly it just show colors and not numbers in the relevant boxes. Internet connection is fine. I have not been able to install the new version of the currency strength meter since uninstall the 3.

What do i have to do. Hi I have just download CSM. Can you please email me the user manual please. My PC settings show the correct time and date but Currency Strrength Meter is showing the markets closed or opening at the wrong times. Example — it shows New York closed at 2: Hello, I have CSM 3. Hi Henry,MY currency strength meter version 3. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again. So i went back again and downloaded the previous version 3.

After installation,it says that i should register. I have downloaded and installed the file. I have tried to restart my laptop, to re-instal the program, but I still get the same error message.

Hi I have been using ver 3. Last night, however, the currency values went blank as well as the news alerts. Good day thank for your news letter i really appreciate them keep me up to date. I have 2 alarms set up, one to notify me when any currency is 7. It works once after I set it up but never notifies me again after that. What I noticed is that after the alarm is activated condition met , the Action changes to Enable again.

Does this mean that I manually have to Enable the alarm every time after it goes off? Can the alarm not be always Enabled so that you always get notified when a condition is met? It also only notifies me when one of the conditions are met, eg. This is not a big issue because I can quickly see what other symbols have broken the level when the alarm goes off.

I used the older version and it works very well. But this new version does not refresh as the market moves and sometimes show false. Pls the csm 3. Thanks for the great features added.

So i can see if its getting stronger or weaker. What do you think of an extra icon showing the movement of the currency. Cause a weak currency could getting stronger andere the currently strong is getting weaker.

Then you shurely would trade in the wrong direction!? Goodbye I download the file, and he writes me there is a problem with the file how can I download? If you can help me. Try to click on Save-as when you right-click with your mouse on the download link.

You may try to right-click on the link and try to download and or try a different browser. Hello,I have deleted the old version. I have trieddownloading the new version using explorer and google chrome. I need to configure the network connection settings on the CSM to pass through my network proxy server. But this feature is not on the CSM. Hi, Henry, I recieved your e-mail. I love to trade with you but I work 6 to 2 afternoon thats why I am thinking how I can trade.

You have any idea how I can participate. Hi Henry, Have had your latest meter running on 2 of my machines for two weeks now, but have a couple of problems — 1 refuses to show next news, but releases are published. At the moment Wed Also the 5 minute countdown alert keeps sounding off until unset — on both machines. Its been wonderful and helpful for a newbie like me in the forex business. Thanks so much Mr. I want to download your platform, bit it is asking me to download the net frame, so how would i do it?

Hi Michael, the ticker in the bottom simply displays the titles of the different news reports, and it takes you to the article when you click on them. If you click and open the new tab section on the right side of the meter, you will see the next upcoming high impact news release time, and it will pop up a window with the release number at the time of the release.

Hi Henry thank you I think it would be good to have a web version running on your website so we can check to see if our ones are working properly. I am your newsletter subscriber. I like to know what time frame is the best to use for currencystrengthmeter? Hi Henry, I would like to use your program, but the strength meter does not show the currency strength values.

I contacted the broker, with whom I have a demo account, which told me, that they have a decimal point at the end of the query for example MT4 HIGH!

I tested this in Excel and it works, but the price is enclosed in quotation marks, and I can not use the loaded value. Is there any way to sucessfully use CSM with this broker? Can you possibly make a strength meter with chart function…. This would be really helpful as I would be able to tell if a currency has just got really strong or has been strong for some time enabling me to take a better calculated position.

First of all, thank you very much for the help you are providing us with the daily news trading plan and the CSM. Henry — i have windows 7 at work and at home — the currency meter loads okand works at home but at work — doesnt show the currency pair strength numbers — the ribbon runs across the bottom ad the countdown meter worls and the top ads run but NO strength numbers show only blank spaces there.

I have used version 2. I have just downloaded and installed version 3. I am looking forward to using it. I like the strength meter very much. Could you please add the selectable option for staying on top. Second time that I have downloaded and installed CSM 3. Still does NOT work properly: But when I ran it, everything was present except the numbers.

Am I missing something? No se pueden obtener los tipos de instalador en el ensamblado CArchivos de programaNewsprofiterCurrency Strength Meter exe. Recupere la propiedad LoaderExceptions para obtener mas informacion thx. When the Dismiss Alarm sounds means what??

Is it all the time the Dismiss Alarm will sound?? I have downloaded your new CSM 3. Can you assist me what is the solution? Appreciate your reply Thks. When first time run the CMS, it prompted me to register account. Next, when i run the CSM v3. On the news and the adverstisement is running. I tried to uninstall and reinstall it, still the same problem. CSM does not show any currency strength. Same issue with others using Vista 64bit. I downloaded CSM 3. I was using CSM 3. However CSM tells me to upgrade.

NET Framework but I just installed. NET Framework v4 and nothing changed. Could you please tell me which version of. NET Framework I should install? What is happening, the previous version does work.

I just install the version 3. What should I do? Appreciate you provide solution. Hi Henry, I have downloaded the new version 3. Hi Henry, I have just downloaded the latest version cms v3.

I use Windows 7, downloaded the CSM 3. The news countdown timer is working. However i get all the currency meter in blank.

Please advise how to solve this, thanks. Could lead to some horror trading for the uninitiated trader. My apologies Henry CSM is fine perhaps I need a refresher course in the new format thanks for the indicator Henry works great as long as you know how to use it. Tried uninstall and reinstall it again and same thing happen. Henry, No words can describe my thanks to you. Your CSM is my Forex compass which is effective and practical. No bull shit and no exaggeration.

May GOD bless you always Thanks. Dear Henry, I am experiencing some problems after installing your currency strength meter. Forgot to save previous version, so for the moment I remain without csm. This happens with all skins btw, and I never had this problem before. Henry, I have problem with the latest version CSM 3. The numerical data does not appears in the boxes. For your info, I do not have this issue previously. All your previous version run well, except for version 3.

Hi Henry — thanks for this wonderful tool. I had ver 3. I uninstalled after 3 attempts at downloading and downloaded again and even had to register again but no changes. Now I have no values showing — any suggestions? For instance, it shows 4. Any way to correct this? But it does not show the rate for each currency, not working properly.

The previous version works. I downloaded all CSM 3 versions and all give me an error: Despite I do not open any websites or mt4s while trying to use it. What is this bug that causing this problem and could it be fixed by you with new version or?!!

Mr Liu, can you suggest a broker to open a forex account with? The news timer works, so everyone who has the same problem I have, can access the news reminder and timer still on their local PC??. CSM3 could have been a very good useful tool for me but for the alarm that triggers as soon as the software is lunched.

The alarm boxes are displayed severally jam-packing the monitor to the extent that it becomes uncontrollable with terrible continuous sound thereby causing the system to fuzz. The asked if I wanted to replaced since due to trying to install fonts that were already in that folder. But the problem presists? It happened the way in my computer.

The text size became incredibly large and over lapping each other. I did exactly the same thing what were told in the instruction. But today it does not show on my screen. The smiley face is there but the actual ea is not showing.

I installed multi-meter II and it worked wonders for me doubling an account within two days. Av install multi-meter III plus the fonts but it is ovarlapping the charts with very big fonts. Am using windows 7. Help please but you are doing a great job for what i have experience with the lower version. I noticed there is a website on the face of the meter www.

Is it the same meter? Dear Cynthia, Thanks for this simple and excellent Simple Breakout - it is a great help for traders. And if I may add - the more I've used it these few days - the better I think it is. The importance of clearly defined entries, trailing stops and exits is tremendous - as only traders who've suffered from not using them can testify!! This is a great system - and at such a reasonable price.

Thank you very much for your excellent support, Cynthia! You are by far giving me the most sincere response and support compared to any other software that I bought before. I will consider taking the Max course once I can master your new system a little better. Just hope to bang more pips from the retracements. Thanks again and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Hello Cynthia, Oh my but is this a wonderful system. Yes, I downloaded the system Sunday and started trading Monday.

This is such a simple system to use and your video instructions are wonderful. Everything you said about the system is right on the money. This is so much fun to use now that I can see exactly when to get in and when to get out. I am doing what you said by looking at the longer time frame charts to determine the trend and then going down to the shorter time frame to get a entry point and exit. Your velocity meter is spectacular. I have tried using most everything you recommend and been so pleased with it all.

Then I ran into your web site and tried what you recommended and wow, I started making money on my demo account. When I went to the live account, same thing, I made money. I always knew there was money to be made in Forex, but now it is not a dream but reality.

It is like I found the picture of the piece Forex jig saw puzzle you describe and now I can put it together.

These are manual-operated systems. The more I use your indys, the more obscene my profits have become!! Trading has become so easy and is totally stress-free.

I have gained my own Forex trading material from many people around the globe. Most have assisted in their own way. However, none has assisted me as much as has Cynthia. I have never seen such an excellent system as is this.

I'd highly recommended them for anyone who's intent upon succeeding in Forex trading. You'll need nothing else besides a brokerage account with the MT-4 trading software. Cynthia, I love your color code trading system and if you open the attachments you will see why. Since I took out all personal info please feel free to use it any way you wish. I went to ThinkForex based on your recommendation and the executions are outstanding.

I have never had a requote in all these trades. I just incorporated your new Simple System on top of the color-code and whooeee!!!!! I now understand how it works better. I am a visual kind of guy. Love the G-Spot with breakout indicator it rocks. Trading is actually fun again. I sit down the day after and review previous days trades and try to determine what I did wrong for a losing trade lack of waiting for signal, jumping too early etc, my errors not system to improve my skills and review what I did right to reinforce good habits.

I can't thank you enough and I was so skeptical because I tried so much pure krap out there that never worked. Best regards and can't thank you enough, Bruce. My results with your breakout system have been as expected. All info and systems you suggest are great and work well.

As a testimonial for your breakout system, I am still tinkering with currency pairs and time frames. The colours really highlight the position entry and exit. If you are at your computer when the indicator triggers, the results are excellent.

Thank you for your continuing help and support with systems, offers and guidance. Hi Cynthia, I bought your system a few days ago, and I want to thank you, because I have made money in my live account. I bought both the basic and advanced, but I only use the basic so far, and I have been able to make money from it. I am very happy with my purchase of the simple and advanced systems.

I have not traded this week due to what I perceive as a very low volume market with little movement. When the red zone and blue zone show completely on a full screen, it says to me no volume and not to trade as I have so little experience.

I would not have seen that without the advanced simple system. My story is like so many others in that I have purchased a multitude of systems thousands and thousands of dollars worth and have even taken personal trading coaching; all to no avail. I ordered your Advanced Simple System a couple of days ago and started trading it immediately.

My first five trades were all winners with an average of 20 pips each!