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Engineering Society of Detroit. The dedicated tank building division of Chrysler, this division was founded as the Chrysler Tank division in , originally with the intention of providing another production line for the M2 Medium Tank , so that the U.

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The word processors of both LibreOffice and OpenOffice free open-source office suites have an annoying habit of inserting blank pages in documents.

In , Chrysler began to sell a limited-production electric minivan called the TEVan ; however only 56 were produced. In , a second generation, called the EPIC, was released. It was discontinued after Chrysler once owned the Global Electric Motorcars company, building low-speed neighborhood electric vehicles , but sold GEM to Polaris Industries in In September , Chrysler established ENVI , an in-house organization focused on electric-drive vehicles and related technologies which was disbanded by late Department of Energy to develop a test fleet of hybrid pickup trucks and minivans.

Fiat Chrysler bought 8. The dedicated tank building division of Chrysler, this division was founded as the Chrysler Tank division in , originally with the intention of providing another production line for the M2 Medium Tank , so that the U. Army could more rapidly build up its inventory of the type.

Its first plant was the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant. When the M2A1 was unexpectedly declared obsolete in August of the same year, plans were altered though not without considerable difficulty to produce the M3 Grant instead, primarily for the British as part of the United States under the counter support for Great Britain against Nazi Germany the U. Army as the Lee. After December and the United State's entry into the war against the Axis powers, the Tank division rapidly expanded, with new facilities such as the Tank Arsenal Proving Ground at then Utica, Michigan.

It also quickly widened the range of products it was developing and producing, including the M4 Sherman tank and the Chrysler A57 multibank tank engine. When the Radiation Laboratory at MIT was established in to develop microwave radars , one of the first projects resulted in the SCR , the most widely recognized radar system of the war era. This system included a parabolic antenna six feet in diameter that was mechanically aimed in a helical pattern round and round as well as up and down.

One of Chrysler's most significant contributions to the war effort was not in the field of vehicles but in the radar field. For the final production design of this antenna and its highly complex drive mechanism, the Army's Signal Corps Laboratories turned to Chrysler's Central Engineering Office. There, the parabola was changed from aluminum to steel, allowing production forming using standard automotive presses. To keep weight down, 6, equally spaced holes were drilled in the face this had no effect on the radiation pattern.

The drive mechanism was completely redesigned, using technology derived from Chrysler's research in automotive gears and differentials. The changes resulted in improved performance, reduced weight, and easier maintenance. A large portion of the Dodge plant was used in building 1, of the SCR antennas as well as the vans used in the systems.

In April , the U. Included was a group of German scientists and engineers led by Wernher von Braun ; this group had been brought to America under Project Paperclip.

Chrysler established the Missile Division to serve as the Redstone prime contractor, setting up an engineering operation in Huntsville and for production obtaining use from the U.

Navy of a large plant in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The Redstone was in active service from to ; it was also the first missile to test-launch a live nuclear weapon , first detonated in a test in the South Pacific. Working together, the Missile Division and von Braun's team greatly increased the capability of the Redstone, resulting in the PGM Jupiter , a medium-range ballistic missile. In May , a Jupiter missile launched two small monkeys into space in a nose cone ; this was America's first successful flight and recovery of live space payloads.

Responsibility for deploying Jupiter missiles was transferred from the Army to the Air Force; armed with nuclear warheads , they were first deployed in Italy and Turkey during the early s. America's more ambitious manned space travel plans included the design of the Saturn series of heavy-lift launch vehicles by a team headed by Wernher von Braun.

The design was based on a cluster of Redstone and Jupiter fuel tanks, and Chrysler built it for the Apollo program in the Michoud Assembly Facility in East New Orleans, one of the largest manufacturing plants in the world. The matter is currently the subject of proceedings at Delaware Chancery Court.

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Department of the Treasury. Archived from the original on October 6, I keep getting a 2nd pg. You can click on the bottom of the page you want to save…. I hope this helped: This is great to know. This is one of the most annoying issues I have with LibreOffice.

I remember Word used to do the same thing back in the day. Audacity and Lame, Open Source Greatness. Try this in Open Office to get rid of blank pages added automatically at the end of text documents. Place the cursor on the next line after the end of your text. Type any letter, hit next line usually your large enter key and repeat these actions until you get to the end of the blank page. Then select and highlight this new nonsense.

You can unset this preference permanently by modifying the LibreOffice options: When I originally commented I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment is added I receive four emails with the exact same comment. When I look at my database, it shows your email as not subscribed. Did you use a different email address when you initially subscribed? You should also be able to manage your subscriptions by visiting the article you originally subscribed to.

Hi, I have just discovered a very simply method to delete blank pages. Move the mouse pointer to the very end of the page brake line on the LHS it might work on the RHS as well until a little arrow appears. Click on the arrow and a box appears with delete page in it. Customer Care Stay Connected. Report an Unauthorized Transaction Suspicious mail.

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